TWT Day 8 This novel is one of my all time favourites. I had a ragged film edition, but for Sinterklaas (Dutch Christmas) this year my brother gave me this gorgeous ‘Penguin by Hand’.  The Help, set in 1962, tells the story of three brave women who work together to write a book about the daily life of housemaids in Mississippi: Abileen, who has raised seventeen kids that aren’t hers, Skeeter, who prefers having a college degree to finding a husband, and Minny, who knows a thing or two about revenging herself on bad employers. The novel gives a hauntingly good account of what it is like to be a woman of colour in 1960s America, but manages to do so while still being very touching and warm as well. Every time I read it, the story lingers in my head for a long time after. There’s also a really good film adaptation.

‘The Weather Today’ is a challenge I set myself in which every day(ish) I will take a random book from my bookshelves and write a few sentences about it.

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