Christmas Cover Hunt | Bookending Winter 2018

Do you know that feeling of enthusiastically starting a new project but then slacking off because real life catches up with you? I’m sure you do. This happened to my Bookending Winter 2018 for a bit, but now I’M BACK! (For at least one post.)

Today’s prompt is a few days old, but no less fun for that. The idea comes from Julia @ Fable Hunter.

Prompt Title: Christmas Cover Hunt

Explanation: Find 5-10 book covers in red, green, silver or gold. Bonus points if it is Christmas themed (snow, trees, presents, wreaths, etc..). Continue reading “Christmas Cover Hunt | Bookending Winter 2018”


Dear Santa… | Bookending Winter 2018

BW writing 2LDear Santa,

I don’t think we have met before. As a Dutch girl I am accustomed to write letters to your colleague Sinterklaas but I am excited for this chance to write to you today. I think I have been fairly good this year. I have been nice to a lot of people (not everyone of course), kept most of my plants alive and made some important life decisions.

I have thought long and hard about what I would like to put on my wish list, and I came up with the following: Continue reading “Dear Santa… | Bookending Winter 2018”

Current Reading Favourites

This morning, as I was eating my breakfast and musing about the delights of reading, I decided that it might be fun to make a short list of my favourite book-related things every half-year or so to see how my tastes develop (or not). Here is instalment number one.

Favourite recent read: The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. A review is in the making, to be published whenever I can get my thoughts together about it.

Favourite book of all time: The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I recently wrote a blog post on how much I adore this novel and why. You can find it here. Continue reading “Current Reading Favourites”

Stories Are Treasures, Books Are Things

When I enjoy a book or feel a lot of feelings about it, I like to interact with the text. I look up the words I don’t know, highlight my favourite quotes (initially in pencil; I return to the quotes when I’ve finished the book and highlight the very best with a marker) and comment on the story: from “I love this” and “yay” to “so dramatic” and “uuugh”.

Similarly, I delight in reading what other people have written in the margins of their books. My grandfather always puts a little pencil mark in front of passages he enjoys. As a result, whenever I borrow a book from him I feel like it comes with an extra dimension: I’m both reading the book and simultaneously following his reading of it. Continue reading “Stories Are Treasures, Books Are Things”

February Reads

I read seven books in February, hurray! I know there are many book bloggers out there who manage more than this, but for me it is quite a lot so I’m happy about it :). I will probably never get round to writing a full review for each of them (see my previous post) so I figured I would write some short paragraphs to recap what I’ve read this month. Depending on how many books I read next month I might do another one of these or play around with the format a bit, we’ll see… Continue reading “February Reads”

Life Is Messy, Books Are Not


Reading books is somehow inherently comforting. They take us to far away places and let us forget about our troubles. But is it really only that? Actually, the most satisfying books may be the ones that in some way tie in with our own lives.

Novels often* present the idea of an universal truth. The questions a character asks are answered at the end of a book, confusing events start to make sense or the book itself sends out a clear message. Even if that message is that life is a mess, inherently unpredictable or absolutely horrible, the message itself remains solid and true in the universe of the narrative. Granted, it may take the protagonist and/or the reader a while to decipher it, but the truth is always out there. Continue reading “Life Is Messy, Books Are Not”