I absolutely adore buying new notebooks. I love picking up a notebook in a shop, looking at its elegant design, hearing the soothing flutter of its crisp pages and feeling its weight in my hand.

Each new project I start *needs* a new notebook, I hardly ever fill one completely. I was thinking about this as I was clearing up my desk and realising how many in-use notebooks were lying around. Perhaps this is a bit too many. What do you think?

bullet journals 2

I’ll start with the most obvious one: my bullet journal. Even though we’re nearing the end of January I haven’t completely transitioned from last year’s bullet journal into my fresh new set up yet, so that makes two.

notebook poetry 1 (4)

As you may be able to tell from the poetry analyses on this blog, I love finding & reading new poems. Quite a few poems I find through the internet, and because I don’t feel that a messy list of bookmarks in my browser really does them justice I write them down in a notebook instead. However, through some kind of miscommunication with myself I have ended up with two poetry notebooks: the smaller one above and the larger one below.

notebook poetry 2

Well, and then I have this notebook that my mum once gave me for the poems I write myself. I haven’t really written anything in a good while, but the notebook is still winking at me suggestively from my shelf every so often:

poetry notebook

This brings our tally up to five.

Number six is my blogging notebook, in which I write ideas for and outlines of new posts. Plus, I even — you guessed it — analyse poetry in it sometimes.

blog notebook

The blogging notebook is lying on top of my sketch/doodle book. This one has both brown and creamy-white pages, which really helps with creating an atmosphere. The brown pages also look much less scary when empty than the white ones do sometimes. Here’s another picture from when I tried to do draw one line faces.

bunck of weirdos

Honestly, I quite enjoy how messy and weird they look.

I was recently inspired by Simone from Simone And Her Books to start a book journal (read her post here). Mine isn’t nearly as colourful as hers, but I am still finding it a very useful tool to keep track of my thoughts while reading.

book journal

Number nine and ten are these two thin notebooks I write random things in that I need to remember. Especially the A6 one is very easy to take with me when I only have a small handbag. Even though I could just as easily write things down in my phone (which I will do sometimes) I feel that my thoughts flow much better when I’m writing on paper.


That’s it. A nice, round number ten. Honestly, I think this could have been much worse but there are some doubles in here that I definitely don’t need. Could I ever throw one out, though? I think not…

How many notebooks do you currently have in use? What do you write in them?


18 thoughts on “Confession: The Ten Notebooks I’m Currently Using

  1. Your notebooks are super cute! I wish I had the patience to actually write in notebooks like you do, I tend to accumulate them and never use them 😀

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  2. This is such a lovely post ❤️ I loved getting a sneak peek into your notebooks and I definitley feel validated in my own ridiculous collection of notebooks now. I love the idea of writing poems you see online into notebooks, I do that with book quotes all the time. Maybe I need a new notebook, so I can start doing that as well…. Cause none of the 20 unused ones I have around the house will do, of course.

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  3. This is a lovely post! I’ve always loved notebooks myself too, and years ago used many and never filled them up either. Ever since finding the bullet journal system I’ve been sticking with one notebook more and more, however. I like the easiness of having just the one notebook to keep around and take with you. I would like to journal (as in; keep a diary) more, so I recently got a “One Sentence A Day for Five Years” notebook, which I really love!
    And in an ideal world, I would start a book journal/ quote notebook, in which I write down the sentence I love from the books I read. The problem with that is that sometimes I’m just too into the story to get myself out of it and write it down, does that make sense?

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    1. Yes, those 5-year ones are very helpful if you want to keep some memories but don’t have time/ inspiration to write much. In my second year at uni I started a Q&A A Day one (even easier because you don’t have to think of your own prompts). I have since completed it and it is so much fun to look back on! I also really understand the ‘getting out’ of the story thing! It definitely makes sense :). I scribble in my books, which helps a bit, but I get that not everyone wants to do that. Hmm. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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