A Dark Poem by Robert Frost | Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Today’s poem is very suitable for these cold & dreary January days. It reads quite easily, but the interpretation is less straightforward and can be quite bleak.

CW: suicide

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

by Robert Frost

Whose woods these are I think I know.   
His house is in the village though;   
He will not see me stopping here   
To watch his woods fill up with snow.   

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10 Books About Books & Book Lovers

For the last couple of months the book blogging world has been enthralled by The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. I’m only 1/3 in so I can’t say much about it yet, but one of the reasons why everyone seems to love it (and rightly so!) is that it pays homage to reading, readers and the books we all love.

If you have already read The Starless Sea and are wondering what to do with yourself, or would simply like to read more books on this theme, here are 10 books to keep you going:

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I imagine many readers have heard of Liesel, the girl who is sent to live with foster parents in the German countryside during the second world war and who catches Death’s attention by stealing a book. A must-read for any book lover.

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Favourite Discussion Posts Of December

Happy New Year, everyone! All best wishes for 2020 ❤

Another month has flown by, so it is time for me to go through my bookmarks and boil all those amazing blog posts out there down to a few favourites. Let’s go!

Consu @ Paper Eyed Girl has compiled a list of trans books by trans authors, because, as she puts it “Sometimes people are shitty but instead of talking about them I thought it’d be way better for everyone to talk about the people making the literary world a better, more inclusive, place”. Well said, Consu! Plus, I’m thinking about participating in Cotton Candy Book Witch’s Here & Queerathon 2020, so this list will be extra helpful!

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Tis The Season Book Tag

Really Emmie, another Christmas book tag? Well, er… yes. I love tags, I love Christmas and I need to get these out of my system before it’s January :).

I was tagged by Elanor @ Reading At Teatime. Thank you! ❤

1. Do you have a favourite winter read?

Well, I just did a poll on Instagram about winter being the perfect time to read murder mysteries, but apparently no one agrees with me XD.

I also recently wrote a post on 5 Books To Get You Into The Winter Spirit, including one murder mystery ’cause NO ONE CAN STOP ME ;).

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Jingle Bell Book Tag

Hurray a Christmas book tag! They make me so happy :).

I was tagged in this one by Kristen from The Brunette Bookworm Blog. Thank you! ❤ The tag was created by Richard at The Humpo Show.

1. “All I Want For Christmas Is You…” | What book do you want to see under the Christmas Tree?

Here in The Netherlands we exchange gifts for Sinterklaas on the 5th of December. I was given two beautiful books, of which I have already read one. (Guess which one…)

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