Confession: The Ten Notebooks I’m Currently Using

I absolutely adore buying new notebooks. I love picking up a notebook in a shop, looking at its elegant design, hearing the soothing flutter of its crisp pages and feeling its weight in my hand.

Each new project I start *needs* a new notebook, I hardly ever fill one completely. I was thinking about this as I was clearing up my desk and realising how many in-use notebooks were lying around. Perhaps this is a bit too many. What do you think?

bullet journals 2

I’ll start with the most obvious one: my bullet journal. Even though we’re nearing the end of January I haven’t completely transitioned from last year’s bullet journal into my fresh new set up yet, so that makes two. Continue reading “Confession: The Ten Notebooks I’m Currently Using”


7 Places to Find Poetry You’ll Love


Finding new poems to read in this massive soup we call ‘the internet’ can be a very daunting, frustrating task. Where does one even start? Simply googling ‘poetry’ doesn’t always give the best results, and always reading the same authors may be a bit unfulfilling.

Here are seven places to find some new poetry; poetry to inspire you, comfort you or broaden your mind.

1. From your favourite films, books or series

If a poem is part of something you already love, chances are that you will enjoy it too. Look up (the full version of) a poem from your favourite film, and maybe try another one by its author. I, for example, learned Shakespeare’s 116th Sonnet by heart when I was sixteen because I was so moved by the scene in Ang Lee’s Sense & Sensibility where Marianne recites it in the pouring rain. (Pretentious drama queen much?) Continue reading “7 Places to Find Poetry You’ll Love”

Talking Pages | How Mary Shelley Got Dressed

talking pages shelley l‘Talking Pages’ is new a segment where I share some of my favourite literature-inspired Youtube videos. 

This video is part of the Getting Dressed series by Crow’s Eye Productions. I absolutely love watching their historically accurate (or so they claim, I honestly have no way of knowing) short documentaries on what people wore in Victorian England, during the First World War or as a 14th century ploughman. The videos usually only describe the process of getting dressed, but for this Halloween special Crow’s Eye went a little further and included information about Mary Shelley herself and re-enacted some key moments in her conception of Frankenstein. Continue reading “Talking Pages | How Mary Shelley Got Dressed”

Christmas Character Tag | Bookending Winter 2018

cat bookendingL

I was tagged by the lovely Mandy @ Devouring Books to do this Christmas Character Tag. The tag was originally created by Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward as part of this year’s Bookending Winter event.

As today is the first day of Christmas, I figured I’d better get round to putting the finishing touches on this post… If you’re reading this after the holiday, you may consider this my Christmas card — prepared in advance but sent out on the day so it’s sure to arrive too late. Continue reading “Christmas Character Tag | Bookending Winter 2018”

Christmas Cover Hunt | Bookending Winter 2018

Do you know that feeling of enthusiastically starting a new project but then slacking off because real life catches up with you? I’m sure you do. This happened to my Bookending Winter 2018 for a bit, but now I’M BACK! (For at least one post.)

Today’s prompt is a few days old, but no less fun for that. The idea comes from Julia @ Fable Hunter.

Prompt Title: Christmas Cover Hunt

Explanation: Find 5-10 book covers in red, green, silver or gold. Bonus points if it is Christmas themed (snow, trees, presents, wreaths, etc..). Continue reading “Christmas Cover Hunt | Bookending Winter 2018”

Winter Wonderland | Bookending Winter 2018

Prompt by Anthony @ Reading Forward: Winter Wonderland – It’s a Snow Day! Now what?

So a Snow Day is a day on which you don’t have to go to school or work because it’s snowing too much, right? I think my country just doesn’t get cold enough for this, but it sounds wonderful to dream about. What would I do with such a day? Continue reading “Winter Wonderland | Bookending Winter 2018”