Christmas Cover Hunt | Bookending Winter 2018

Do you know that feeling of enthusiastically starting a new project but then slacking off because real life catches up with you? I’m sure you do. This happened to my Bookending Winter 2018 for a bit, but now I’M BACK! (For at least one post.)

Today’s prompt is a few days old, but no less fun for that. The idea comes from Julia @ Fable Hunter.

Prompt Title: Christmas Cover Hunt

Explanation: Find 5-10 book covers in red, green, silver or gold. Bonus points if it is Christmas themed (snow, trees, presents, wreaths, etc..). Continue reading “Christmas Cover Hunt | Bookending Winter 2018”


Winter Wonderland | Bookending Winter 2018

Prompt by Anthony @ Reading Forward: Winter Wonderland – It’s a Snow Day! Now what?

So a Snow Day is a day on which you don’t have to go to school or work because it’s snowing too much, right? I think my country just doesn’t get cold enough for this, but it sounds wonderful to dream about. What would I do with such a day? Continue reading “Winter Wonderland | Bookending Winter 2018”

Dear Santa… | Bookending Winter 2018

BW writing 2LDear Santa,

I don’t think we have met before. As a Dutch girl I am accustomed to write letters to your colleague Sinterklaas but I am excited for this chance to write to you today. I think I have been fairly good this year. I have been nice to a lot of people (not everyone of course), kept most of my plants alive and made some important life decisions.

I have thought long and hard about what I would like to put on my wish list, and I came up with the following: Continue reading “Dear Santa… | Bookending Winter 2018”

Bookending Winter 2018 & Tidyathon

BW SocksL

bookending-winterHey all,

This year I’m participating in the Bookending Winter 2018 event. Yay! I’m looking forward to a month full of prompts, bloghopping and christmassy vibes :). The event is hosted by Clo @ Book Dragons and Sam @ Fictionally Sam. There are so many different ways to participate in this event that I suggest you take a look at their original post; a short summary by me probably wouldn’t do it justice. I will say that I am especially excited about this event because it allows for so much freedom due to the many ways you can take part in it. Moreover, the minimum amount of posts you have to write to participate is three, which sounds very doable compared to some of the events I’ve seen floating around the bloggosphere. Continue reading “Bookending Winter 2018 & Tidyathon”

You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag | Jane Austen Edition

94c5117e0eb82cdf150883e083bd3870Sometimes, I think my blog posts are way too serious. All of those poetry analyses and discussion posts, it’s time for some more casual fun! (Don’t get me wrong, I do LOVE poetry and discussions.) I liked this tag as soon as I saw it, and bookmarked it for a rainy day. The sun is shining brightly at the moment (26°C in October!*) but what the hell, let’s have some fun!


*Oops, that’s what happens when you postpone finishing a blog post. Continue reading “You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag | Jane Austen Edition”