Getting Back Into Blogging

I have accepted that my blogging always comes in waves. I’m currently happily surfing one of my blog-heavy moments, and have drawn a few lessons out of it about what works for me. I will share them below in case you’re interested – and also as a reminder for my future self.

  • Find blogs that inspire you. Coming back after a long hiatus I often find that my favourite blogs are gone, the ones I follow sometimes don’t interest me anymore and mostly I simply feel ‘out of touch’. Make a little round of the blogs you follow – what is everyone up to? What are their latest posts? Maybe leave a comment here or there to show them that you’re back. But also: have a browse around for new people to follow. Broaden your horizon! The chance that you already know all the great blogs out there is very very slim :). Reading other blogs might give you some fresh ideas and inspire you to pick up your own blog again.
  • Stop caring about numbers. Even though I’m sure most of us post because we love writing and blogging, it can still be very demotivating to see that not many people read your posts. Don’t worry, this will pick up later. Or maybe it won’t, but that can be ok too. Every reader is one, and ultimately it’s not what you’re here for anyway.

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Things I Learned While Bookstagramming

I started a book Instagram this summer. I’ve had a personal Instagram for about three years now and I’m really enjoying all the aesthetically pleasing pictures of books and coffee cups on it, so I decided to join the party :). I’m really enjoying it so far, and it has also proven to be a really good opportunity to use the fancy camera I bought recently. Continue reading “Things I Learned While Bookstagramming”