Favourite Blog Posts Of March

This March wrap-up is coming to you a day late because, I’ll be honest, I haven’t felt very motivated to blog recently. Three weeks ago all Dutch schools closed and I have been working/teaching from home since. Though I am grateful to have something to do, and the creative solutions for keeping in touch with my students are very interesting to learn about, the work is also quite taxing, and —perhaps more importantly— all on my computer. After a day of sitting at my desk and working on my laptop, I don’t want to spend my free time sitting at my desk and working on my laptop as well.

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Favourite Blog Posts of February

This month, I’ve been quite tired. I’ve started teaching some extra classes at my internship and the long days at school are using up most of my energy. It’s hardly surprising, then, that the first two posts I’ve bookmarked this month deal with taking breaks or getting back that creative energy.

I remember the title of Eustea Reads’ You’re Not Lazy, You’re Tired And That’s Okay immediately jumping out to me as it came up in my WordPress Reader. Thank you Eustacia, this is exactly what I needed to hear! ❤

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Favourite Discussion Posts Of December

Happy New Year, everyone! All best wishes for 2020 ❤

Another month has flown by, so it is time for me to go through my bookmarks and boil all those amazing blog posts out there down to a few favourites. Let’s go!

Consu @ Paper Eyed Girl has compiled a list of trans books by trans authors, because, as she puts it “Sometimes people are shitty but instead of talking about them I thought it’d be way better for everyone to talk about the people making the literary world a better, more inclusive, place”. Well said, Consu! Plus, I’m thinking about participating in Cotton Candy Book Witch’s Here & Queerathon 2020, so this list will be extra helpful!

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My Favourite Blog Posts of November!

Another month has flown by (seriously, we had our first frost here in The Netherlands but I still haven’t wrapped my head around summer being over) so it’s time for my monthly list of blog posts I really enjoyed:

I got a good laugh out of (and was slightly disturbed by) Shruti @ This Is Lit’s post where she lets a computer programme write a blog post in her style and reflects on the outcome. Are we all going to be replaced by bots soon? Read this post to find out.

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My Favourite Blog Posts of October!

I’m reinstating my monthly list of great blog posts because I really enjoy going through the posts I’ve read an highlighting a few favourites. More often than not I read a good blog post, think ‘ahh, that was great’, give it a like, maybe a comment and forget all about it ten minutes later. This is a good way to refresh my memory!

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