ABSOLUTELY! I love sweater weather!

I saw this tag on The Bookish Chick and it seems right up my street, so here we go!

1. Hot Chocolate: What is your comfort book?

finding colin firth

I bought Finding Collin Firth by Mia March in the tiny Hull airport while sitting in a wheelchair with a broken leg and on my way home to The Netherlands to be taken care of by my parents. It gave me some well-needed cosy happiness and has been my favourite comfort book ever since.

2. Pumpkin Carving: What is your favourite creative outlet?

I’ve started an art journal this spring and I’m very much enjoying throwing all kinds of techniques and materials together to create something I like without too much pressure. I make collages, layer different kinds of paper, use acrylics and watercolours, and I’ve recently started teaching myself how to make stamps :D.

art journal 2

3. Falling Leaves: Changes that appear bad but you secretly love?

To be honest, I’m the scrooge of summer so I’m quite happy that the weather is getting colder and I can start wearing jumpers and coats again. Really, this poem by Emily Brontë says it all.

4. Pumpkin Spiced Latte: Something you love that others tend to judge?

Writing in my books! I know it’s a bit of a marmite situation in the book blogging community, where some people love it and others find it complete blasphemy.


5. Bonfire Night: What makes you explode with joy?

Having all of my family together <3.

6. Fright Night: Favourite scary film or book?

I’m easily scared so I never really watch/read horror films or thrillers*. Both Orphan Black and Stranger Things really had me at the edge of my seat.

* That said, I did recently finish reading the Cemetery of Forgotten Books series, and their covers say that they’re thrillers, so maybe I’m not such a wuss after all… *pats herself on the back*

The shadow of the wind

7. Halloween Candy: Favourite thing to eat?

French fries! I don’t really eat that much candy, I’m far more into cakes and savoury snacks.

8. Scarves: Your must-have accessory?

I like to wear a lot of rings and whenever I take them off to do the dishes or take a shower my hands feel very naked.

9. Fire: A book or film that burns your soul?

Earlier this year I read Megan Jayne Crabbe’s book Body Positive Power and it filled me with a fiery rage against our fat shaming culture.


10. Toffee Apples: A book or film that seems one thing but really has a different inside?

14478569_1673338462977971_2763331556805181440_nBoy, Snow, Bird starts as a seemingly ordinary ‘girl runs away from home’ story but its many unexpected turns take it in a completely different direction. The real subject matter of the book only revealed itself to me towards the very end.

That’s it! I’m giving myself an A* for sweater-weather-readiness! 🙂

*Tag, you’re it*

If you decide to do this tag as well, or have already done it please leave a comment because I’m very interested to read your answers :).

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