A Book To Help With Bad Grades | Literary Remedies

Anonymous writes:

I’m on summer break right now, but during the school year, I always, always struggle with bad/disappointing grades, so I’d love to read a book that can comfort me about my problems with grades!

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50 Shades of Green | Bookending Spring

I love sorting books by colour, so today’s Bookending Spring prompt is right up my street! I even had my bookshelves sorted by colour for a while, but ultimately sorting them by author & genre did feel more intuitive.

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Favourite Blog Posts Of March

This March wrap-up is coming to you a day late because, I’ll be honest, I haven’t felt very motivated to blog recently. Three weeks ago all Dutch schools closed and I have been working/teaching from home since. Though I am grateful to have something to do, and the creative solutions for keeping in touch with my students are very interesting to learn about, the work is also quite taxing, and —perhaps more importantly— all on my computer. After a day of sitting at my desk and working on my laptop, I don’t want to spend my free time sitting at my desk and working on my laptop as well.

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Re-reading Books Is A Dangerous Game

Note: I won’t go into much detail about our current world-wide situation as I don’t have much to add to all existing information and I personally love the book blogging world for the escapism it offers. That said, I do hope that you and your loved ones are doing well!

Now let’s get on to the blog post:

I recently re-read One Hundred Years of Solitude, which for a long time I had claimed to be my favourite book. Though I still loved most of it, there were also some parts of it I didn’t like as much, mainly because there seemed to be some issues with consent.

Side note: How many times do you have to read something before you can call it your favourite book?

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