In the past month I wrote 20 The Weather Today updates about books from my bookshelves. I really enjoyed writing more personal stories than I usually would and learned a lot about which book photos work and which don’t.  If you’d like to (re-)visit some highlights, click on the images below.

TWT Day 2 TWT Day 3 TWT Day 9TWT Day 15TWT Day 17TWT Day 19

Mostly Harmless Random

I often asked my lovely house mates to shout random numbers at me, and found a website that explained in detail why most random-number generators are not actually random but theirs is. And I will admit, I occasionally cheated a little when the number corresponded to a book I had absolutely NOTHING to say about.

What I Learned

Forcing myself to write short bits really helped me get back into blogging. I usually timed myself and didn’t allow for a post to take more than 30-45 min. This helped battle perfectionism and endless, meaningless editing A LOT.  It was very nice to talk about my relationship with a book rather than making a well-constructed argument about why I thought it was good or not. Don’t get me wrong, I like writing those posts too, but I noticed that, following the conventions of my literature papers, I usually keep quite a distance from the book and don’t discuss my own experiences. It’s a shame, because that’s what I enjoy most in other people’s reviews.

The iPhone snaps I took of the books vary in quality and originality, I will admit. This was due to how inspired I felt on a day or the level of daylight available (oops- several late-night uploads). Also, several photos feature my cactus. I guess I really love it. And cranes.

What do you think? Are there any pictures you thought worked or didn’t really? Any posts you liked more than others?

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