I’m Reading 5 Books at the Same Time (Help!)

17 thoughts on “I’m Reading 5 Books at the Same Time (Help!)”

  1. Five books at a time. Awesome!
    I like the idea of reading multiple books at the same time since it makes me self-conscious about what I am reading and helps to focus more and when I am switching books.
    Although, I have never tried 5 at the same time. Maximum I can remember is three, that too, only once and sometimes two. Though I still struggle to form a habit of reading two books at one time.
    Would love to hear more from you on your adventure of reading 5 books. 🙂

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  2. I really want to try Gilmore girls at some point!! I’ve heard it’s marvellous for booklovers. ;D As for reading multiple books…I do that! But not generally 5.😂 Three is my average, but 2 is what I’m most comfortable with (generally a physical book and an audiobook). Good luck with this lot!! I’ve heard mixed things about Go Set a Watchman but I still plan to try it eventually. When I get brave.😂
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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  3. I can relate to this so much, however instead of reading multiple books at the same time I have tons of books I need to read but I recently got sucked into an addiction for the show Supernatural. Good luck! x

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  4. I only read one book at a time because I’m a simple bookworm :’) BUT OMG I’m kind of jealous that your holidays are only just starting because I’m about to go back to university. Boo. Also I’m very intrigued about those cat stories???

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  5. wait… 5 books at a time is unusual?
    😛 I can never stay faithful to one book, I keep on switching all the time, so 2-4 books is a norm for me. Right now I have 5 books started, but two of them are waiting for later and 3 have the “actively reading” status.

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