20 Books I Will Always Recommend

Books I recommend

I love lending books to people. It makes me very excited to share books I enjoyed with other people and even more excited to pick out a specific book I think they’ll like. One of my friends has been borrowing books from my personal library very frequently lately and we’ve gotten to a point where she only asks for ‘a new book’. She has no idea how AMAZING this is for me! I pick out books and she reads them without question!

I really love the book-recommendation function of the book blogging community, but I’ve realised that I myself hardly ever write posts that do that. To change that, here is a short selection of the books from my library that I often recommend to people ‘in real life’. Continue reading “20 Books I Will Always Recommend”

Book | The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach

The Art of Fielding

I know nothing about baseball. Nothing. For this book I had to look up what a shortstop is, how many bases there are and why the field is called a diamond. Well, they say there is a first time for everything.

Despite my ignorance I spent many happy hours working my way through the dozens of games Henry Skrimshander and his teammates play. Why? Because of the parts in between. Continue reading “Book | The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach”

February Reads

I read seven books in February, hurray! I know there are many book bloggers out there who manage more than this, but for me it is quite a lot so I’m happy about it :). I will probably never get round to writing a full review for each of them (see my previous post) so I figured I would write some short paragraphs to recap what I’ve read this month. Depending on how many books I read next month I might do another one of these or play around with the format a bit, we’ll see… Continue reading “February Reads”