Three Times My Teachers Got It Right


This post was inspired by a Goodreads article where readers share the best book they’ve ever received. Wondering which book this would be for me, I realized that most of the books I came up with were course materials. When I am given books for my birthday, it is hardly ever completely new to me: either I asked for it, it is by an author I like or I have read about it online already. However, when I studied English lit, my professors introduced me to some new works that greatly impacted the way I see literature but that I would not have picked up myself (as great teachers are wont to do). Here are three, in chronological order: Continue reading “Three Times My Teachers Got It Right”

Book | Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood

cats eye feat Elaine Risley, a painter, returns to Toronto to find herself overwhelmed by her past. Memories of childhood – unbearable betrayals and cruelties – surface relentlessly, forcing her to confront the spectre of Cordelia, once her best friend and tormentor, who has haunted her for forty years. Continue reading “Book | Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood”