Talking Pages | How I Fell in Love with Prufrock

prufrocktpIt’s no secret that I love “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot. I quote it far too often (though fortunately mostly to myself) and some time ago I wrote a blogpost where I tried to convince you to read it with pictures of cats and Humphrey Bogart looking devastated. (Wow, that was in 2015..!)

I was first introduced to Prufrock by Yulin Kuang’s I Didn’t Write This series. Her video is an abridged version of the poem read out over clips of a couple at the beach. The narrator (Sean Persaud, the man in the video) has a very beautiful voice that made poem come so much more alive to me than if I had read it on a page first. Continue reading “Talking Pages | How I Fell in Love with Prufrock”

Talking Pages | 3 Stars To TED-Ed’s ‘There’s A Poem For That’

ted ed tp

This weekend, the TED-Ed channel on YouTube launched their new series ‘There’s A Poem For That‘ which, according to them, “features animated interpretations of poems both old and new that give language to some of life’s biggest feelings”. Poetry nerd as I am, I, of course, got very excited and had to check it out immediately. Here are some of my thoughts: Continue reading “Talking Pages | 3 Stars To TED-Ed’s ‘There’s A Poem For That’”

Talking Pages | How Mary Shelley Got Dressed

talking pages shelley l‘Talking Pages’ is new a segment where I share some of my favourite literature-inspired Youtube videos. 

This video is part of the Getting Dressed series by Crow’s Eye Productions. I absolutely love watching their historically accurate (or so they claim, I honestly have no way of knowing) short documentaries on what people wore in Victorian England, during the First World War or as a 14th century ploughman. The videos usually only describe the process of getting dressed, but for this Halloween special Crow’s Eye went a little further and included information about Mary Shelley herself and re-enacted some key moments in her conception of Frankenstein. Continue reading “Talking Pages | How Mary Shelley Got Dressed”

Book | Halfway Into Vanity Fair (And A Bit Stuck)

Vanity FairA few months ago I felt a sudden urge to read a classic. (My taste for them was quelled for a while, but apparently it does return some two years or so after completing one’s English degree.) Fortunately, my love for books and my very well-read grandfather have supplied me with a decent collection (see below) so I only needed to take the two steps to my book cupboard and pick a volume off the shelf. Having heard it praised quite often throughout my studies, decided to read Vanity Fair by W.M. Thackeray. Continue reading “Book | Halfway Into Vanity Fair (And A Bit Stuck)”

February Reads

I read seven books in February, hurray! I know there are many book bloggers out there who manage more than this, but for me it is quite a lot so I’m happy about it :). I will probably never get round to writing a full review for each of them (see my previous post) so I figured I would write some short paragraphs to recap what I’ve read this month. Depending on how many books I read next month I might do another one of these or play around with the format a bit, we’ll see… Continue reading “February Reads”