The Starless Sea: 3 Stars | Book Review

I’ve seen many many five-star reviews of Erin Morgenstern’s The Starless Sea float around the bloggosphere. Though I enjoyed the very much, I am less enthusiastic about it. For me, there was a lot to love, but also a lot to be disappointed with. I can see how the weight of each of these aspects can be different for everyone, so I’m not here to tell anyone that they are wrong but only to add my own two cents to the converstation.

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10 Books About Books & Book Lovers

For the last couple of months the book blogging world has been enthralled by The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. I’m only 1/3 in so I can’t say much about it yet, but one of the reasons why everyone seems to love it (and rightly so!) is that it pays homage to reading, readers and the books we all love.

If you have already read The Starless Sea and are wondering what to do with yourself, or would simply like to read more books on this theme, here are 10 books to keep you going:

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Short Stories | Flax-golden tales by Erin Morgenstern

Image by Carey Farell

Then the dog tells me my truths and I forget what my question was. – Erin Morgenstern, The Dog Will See You Now

Have you ever wondered whether Erin Morgenstern, author of the popular book The Night Circus, wrote anything else? I did. Unfortunately I found out that after her debut novel in 2011, Morgenstern hasn’t published any new books. But there is a silver lining: while looking around on her website I found her project called ‘Flax-golden tales’. Continue reading “Short Stories | Flax-golden tales by Erin Morgenstern”

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

the night circus featThis novel is one of my all-time favourites. Beautifully written and full of enchanting characters, the story is exquisitely charming  and full of haunting mystery. Against the background of a black and white circus of mysteries, two magicians beguile the circus goers and each other with nightly wonders, soon falling in love despite being magically bound to a deadly competition with rules neither understands.

I feel it is best to know as little as possible about this novel before starting to read it, and will therefore not go into much detail. Please pick up a copy and read it, it is absolutely wonderful!

In the meantime, here is a pretty book trailer for you to enjoy.