7 Places to Find Poetry You’ll Love


Finding new poems to read in this massive soup we call ‘the internet’ can be a very daunting, frustrating task. Where does one even start? Simply googling ‘poetry’ doesn’t always give the best results, and always reading the same authors may be a bit unfulfilling.

Here are seven places to find some new poetry; poetry to inspire you, comfort you or broaden your mind.

1. From your favourite films, books or series

If a poem is part of something you already love, chances are that you will enjoy it too. Look up (the full version of) a poem from your favourite film, and maybe try another one by its author. I, for example, learned Shakespeare’s 116th Sonnet by heart when I was sixteen because I was so moved by the scene in Ang Lee’s Sense & Sensibility where Marianne recites it in the pouring rain. (Pretentious drama queen much?) Continue reading “7 Places to Find Poetry You’ll Love”

Book | The Graphic Canon (volume II) ed. Russ Kick

“Kubla Kahn” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge/ Alice Duke

The Graphic Canon is a collection of works. In this book comic artists graphically adapt of many famous works of English literature from the 1800s. You heard me. This book is a compilation of Comic artists’ interpretations of the Brontë Sisters, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Pride and Prejudice and many other famous works. The result is AMAZING. Some artists focus on one passage from a text, others summarize an entire work, but they all re-tell a story in wonderful images.

The artists on display here draw from a staggering diversity of backgrounds, including erotic comics, mainstream houses, Disney and self-published blogs. This leads to some interesting combinations of genres: Frederick Douglass rendered in 1960s-style American protest poster art; the Bennets in Pride and Prejudice portrayed as clear-line Grecian figures and Mary Shelley’s “The Mortal Immortal” as a sleek 80s comic. Continue reading “Book | The Graphic Canon (volume II) ed. Russ Kick”