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Hi there!

My name is Emmie, I’m a Literature student from Groningen, The Netherlands. Last year I studied in the UK, but I’ve returned to this funny little tulips-country for my masters. I’ll review whatever I’m reading at that moment, so this may vary from young adult novels and chick-lit to the classics of English literature. Just have a look around in the ‘Book Reviews by Genre’ menu and read whatever you’re interested in.

Every week or so I like to present you with a poem, explain why it’s so great (or not) and give some interpretations of it. You can find these under ‘poetry critiques’. Before I started doing this I had no idea how much I would enjoy diving into the poems’ background or rambling about what I think it means. Plus it’s motivating me to read more poems, which is always a good thing :).

I’m passionate about nice penguin editions of English classics, good footnotes and drinking too much tea. Sometimes, I sort my bookshelves by colour. When people ask me what my favourite novel is, I stutter and try to change the subject. I could answer with the standard “this book I haven’t finished yet”, but, to be fair, not all the books I read are equally good.

Spoiler policy

I try to keep my reviews spoiler-free, but I cannot avoid telling you some things that you wouldn’t have known if you picked up the book without any preparation. I sometimes use examples to prove a point.

Small secret

The title of my blog ‘Another Night of Reading’ is a bit of a lie. I read always and everywhere, not just at night. When I was little I would hide under the covers with a flashlight so my parent’s wouldn’t catch me reading at night, but nowadays I sleep. I love sleeping. Reading at night is less exciting when it’s allowed.

Blogging Awards

Thanks so much, guys!


Contact Me

Drop me a line! If you have any questions, remarks or would simply like to say ‘hi’, please fill out the form below or comment on this page.


17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I realise now that you have already been nominated for the Liebster award, but just to let you know, I nominated you too!
    Isabelle xx


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