January always feels like it will never end. But we made it, guys! Where I live, the days are already getting noticeably longer :).

Time for another monthly list of some of my favourite blog posts!

First off is this post by Sophie @ Me and Ink about blogging statistics, featuring Captain Holt. In it she analyses her own blog stats, gives tips on how to increase yours and warns us about the dark side of statistics (agreed, that does sound ominous). Very useful & very fun :).

With the new film coming out (or already being out, depending on where you live) there has been a surge in posts about Little Women. My favourite is Krysta @ Pages Unbound’s post on why she wouldn’t change its ending. Here, Krysta responds to the announcement of a retelling of Alcott’s beloved classic in which Jo and Laurie do end up together and explains why Jo’s marriage to Professor Bhaer was such a powerful statement at the time.

Best tip I read this month? That’s definitely Divine @ Rea(d)ivine’s idea to read 3 star reviews if you want to know whether a book is for you. It sounds so obvious when she explains it, but honestly, it blew my mind XD. Read all of her ideas here: How To Find The Right Review To Persuade You To Read That Book.

Mina @ Stacked Reviews lists her favourite books with unreliable narrators. For each book she gives a brief description and then a short, insightful analysis of what makes that book great.

Georgiana @ Reader’s High Tea asks us whether we read reviews of books we haven’t heard of, which made me realise that no, I don’t. What follows are some great thinking points about the purpose of the book reviews we post on our blogs, that I recommend checking out.

Do you have any favourite blog posts of the month (by yourself or others)? What are your favourite blogs overall? Recommendations are very welcome!

5 thoughts on “Favourite Blog Posts of January

  1. This is such a sweet idea to share your favourite blog posts and I feel so honoured to be apart of it. Thank you, thank you!!
    I’m glad you liked the post and the ominous title. All your kind words mean a lot 😊💕
    I loved hearing about the other posts you loved this month too!! 😊 Happy February!!

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