Hey all,

Lately I’ve seen quite a few people share their favourites of the blog posts they read that month, and I think it’s a brilliant idea.

Book reviews

On reading

  • Ellyn a.k.a. Allonsythornraxx absolutely speaks my mind in her post about J K Rowling Adding To Canon. It’s so satisfying when other people are outraged about the same things as me ;).
  • Clo from Book Dragons writes an all-important post called Do Books Give False Expectations For Relationships? We should never stop talking about this.
  • Krysta from Pages Unbound Reviews brings up some very interesting points about whether Religion is YA’s Last Taboo. I don’t have enough of an overview of current YA books to know if religion is really the *last* taboo, but this post definitely offers some food for thought.
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On blogging

  • Julia from Thoughts, Tales and Tea reflects on which kinds of posts she likes writing the most and shares some plans for the future of her blog in Blog Update: The Future. As I often think about my own blog in this way, I found it very interesting to read someone else’s thoughts about theirs.

Completely new to me

  • I know nothing about witchcraft but I’m really fascinated by Cotton Candy Book Witch’s posts on the topic. I especially like the one about Being A Literary Witch. Also, have a look at her new layout, it looks absolutely gorgeous!

That’s it for February folks. I thought I hadn’t read much this month but it turned out I still had quite a few posts in my ‘My Likes’ tab to choose from. I hope you enjoy my selection :).

If you have any favourite posts (by someone else or by yourself) comment them below and I will check them out.

Have a great week!

11 thoughts on “Favourite Blog Posts of February

  1. Thank you so much for including my post πŸ’•πŸ’• – I agree, I always find so much satisfaction when other people and I are completely outraged about the same things as me and OH BOY J K Rowling really brings out a really negative side in me.

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