talking pages shelley l‘Talking Pages’ is new a segment where I share some of my favourite literature-inspired Youtube videos. 

This video is part of the Getting Dressed series by Crow’s Eye Productions. I absolutely love watching their historically accurate (or so they claim, I honestly have no way of knowing) short documentaries on what people wore in Victorian England, during the First World War or as a 14th century ploughman. The videos usually only describe the process of getting dressed, but for this Halloween special Crow’s Eye went a little further and included information about Mary Shelley herself and re-enacted some key moments in her conception of Frankenstein.

Watch the video directly on YouTube

I love stories about powerful, nonconformist women. Even though I read Frankenstein a few years ago, I don’t know much about Mary Shelley herself. I was surprised, for example, to hear that she had children with Percy Shelley before they were married. (A quick google produces the fact that he was married to someone else at the time..) Such a rebel!

The video is very atmospheric with its seemingly candle-lit shots, excerpts from the novel and a stormy sky outside. Combined with my love for costume dramas and interest in period clothing, this makes “Getting Dressed in 1816 – Mary Shelly” definitely a new favourite!


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