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I was tagged by the lovely Mandy @ Devouring Books to do this Christmas Character Tag. The tag was originally created by Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward as part of this year’s Bookending Winter event.

As today is the first day of Christmas, I figured I’d better get round to putting the finishing touches on this post… If you’re reading this after the holiday, you may consider this my Christmas card — prepared in advance but sent out on the day so it’s sure to arrive too late.

Note: I’m skipping the gift-related questions as we Dutchies receive ours from St. Nikolaas on the 5th of December.

Mrs. Clause

A Favourite Holiday Treat to Have Every Year

Christmas cookies and — now that I’m a bit older — glühwein. (To which my younger brother says “LIES. Nobody likes that!”)

weihnachtsteller chr

Every year my father makes each of us a ‘Weihnachtsteller’ full of cookies, dried fruits and nuts that we can eat whenever we like. This was a tradition in his family when he was little that he loved so much that he wants to share it with his children. (Which we, of course, do not mind AT ALL 🙂 )

Ghost of Christmas Past

A Holiday Memory from Your Past

A clash of priorities that resulted in the compromise of setting up our table in front of the TV to have our Christmas dinner ánd watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special at the same time.

Buddy the Elf

“The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.”
A Holiday Song You like to Sing Each Holiday Season

I’m not such a big singer, but this year I’ve got “Snow is falling, all around me, Children playing, having fun, ‘Tis the season for love and understanding. Merry Christmas everyone” stuck in my head.

[Edit: Since I wrote that, my little brother has been singing “Rockin Around The Christmas Tree” almost non-stop. And he only knows that part of the lyrics…]


A Moment When Your Heart Grew Three Sizes

My mum and I would always watch While You Were Sleeping around Christmas (and many other moments in the year). Now that she’s gone, my dad and I still carry on this tradition. Every time Peter’s lovely but chaotic family barges into the hospital for the first time, everyone starts talking at the same time and the theme music plays, my heart just melts for love of this film.


Jack Frost

A Tradition You Like to Do Every Winter

Every year, my youngest brother and I have a discussion with my dad and my younger brother about whether we should have a tree or not, and what it should look like. (We’re team tree, obvs.) Last year, we were even cheeky enough to go out and buy ourselves some proper balls & shiny ornaments to go with our usual eclectic wooden decorations. Hihi, score!

Hero Boy

A Moment You Believed in a Holiday Wish/Miracle

Honestly, I still don’t. But the universe may consider this an open invitation to surprise me ;).

Cindy Lou Who

A Favourite Holiday Tradition

I love the predictability of my family members, it gives that warm feeling of loving everyone so much exactly for who they are. My grandfather will always read Pride and Prejudice (this year for the 75th time!!); my youngest brother will always insist on watching Home Alone; my younger brother, my dad and I will always play board games; there is always someone in the family whatsapp group who will reference the legend that animals can talk in the night from the 24th to the 25th ánd someone who will send a picture of their cat… The list goes on.

This year’s board game: Tzolk’in

Frosty the Snowman

A Memory Involving Snow or A Memory You Would Like to Have Involving Snow

I have a very vague memory of being a little girl sitting on a sledge pulled by my mother. We were having so much fun that she ran to make the sledge to make it go as fast impossible. I remember being very impressed by my adult mother running, the luxury of being allowed to sit on the sledge for so long and the childish glee of having my mother all to myself for a moment. It was wonderful.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

A Holiday Activity You Like Doing

Sitting by the fire & reading a book. Somehow a wood fire makes the reading extra special. (The knowledge that I don’t have to hand in an assignment the next day helps too…)

Ebenezer Scrooge

“Bah, Humbug!”
A Favourite Holiday Saying or Quote

“This is quite the season indeed for friendly meetings. At Christmas every body invites their friends about them, and people think little of even the worst weather. I was snowed up at a friend’s house once for a week. Nothing could be pleasanter.”

— Jane Austen, Emma

card tree

Spread the Holiday Spirit!

Tag 1-12 People!

As it’s Christmas already and I don’t want to make anyone feel rushed to write a post, I will skip this step. However, if you have done this tag, please leave a comment below so I can check it out.

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’m hearing the sound of You’ve Got Mail starting up in the background, so I’m going to watch that now and maybe make a desert in the meantime ❤ .


bookending-winterThis post is part of the Bookending Winter 2018 event, hosted by Clo @ Book Dragons and Sam @ Fictionally Sam.

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