BW writing 2LDear Santa,

I don’t think we have met before. As a Dutch girl I am accustomed to write letters to your colleague Sinterklaas but I am excited for this chance to write to you today. I think I have been fairly good this year. I have been nice to a lot of people (not everyone of course), kept most of my plants alive and made some important life decisions.

I have thought long and hard about what I would like to put on my wish list, and I came up with the following:

love stories dollyI recently started listening to ‘Love Stories with Dolly Alderton‘— I would recommend it for the long cold sleigh rides you have to make this year. In the first episode Dolly interviewed Marian Keyes about the loves and relationships she has had in her life, and I was so charmed by her insightful reflections on life and her delightful Irish voice that I immediately wanted to read her latest book: The Break. Sure, I am a decade or two too young for a mid-life crisis and I haven’t a husband to fall out with but I am very interested in reading about the ‘staying in love’ for a change, and not the ‘falling’.


Secondly, one of my favourite series at the moment is Jane The Virgin. I especially loved the most recent, fourth season because of its exploration of different kinds of meaningful relationships and the enormous amount of personal growth most of the characters go through. One thing that endears me so much to Jane is how important books are to her. Jane has read romance novels all through her life and some key scenes in the series involve her reading or being given a book (not to mention write, but that is a whole other story). One of the authors that mean the most to her is Isabel Allende, who makes a guest appearance in the series as part of a beautiful story line about bookshops and inspiration.

isabel allende

Watching this scene absolutely warmed my heart. I know that Allende’s books are incredibly famous but I have never read any of them. Could you recommend me a good one to start with, please?

Thank you Santa, for all of your kindness. I hear that very many people love you a lot and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.

Have a lovely Christmas!



This post is part of the Bookending Winter 2018 event, hosted by Clo @ Book Dragons and Sam @ Fictionally Sam. Today’s prompt comes from Anthony @ Reading Forward.

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6 thoughts on “Dear Santa… | Bookending Winter 2018

  1. Firstly I need me some books about the whole staying in love business, cause we don’t get enough of that. Secondly, I love how you included the logo. So simple but the wording was effective and idk why but it just warmed my heart ❤ can't wait for your other posts!

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    1. We are a very tiny county and it’s only really us doing it in this way, so don’t worry about that 🙂 but indeed, this is one of the things I love about reading blogs as well! And thanks for the compliment :).

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