(I came across the word candle-waster on Twitter. Apparently it’s Shakespearean for bookworm. Tsss. We’re putting those candles to good use!)

This weekend I participated in my first-ever readathon. For those of you wondering what that is*: a readathon is an event where lots of booklovers gather on the internet to read intensely for a certain amount of time and post about it on social media.

*Probably only my family members who are so supportive that they read my blog but have no other exposure to the book blogging community. Thanks guys! ❤



This one ran from 2pm my time on Saturday till 2pm on Sunday. In a way this was very nice because I had a break in the middle when I slept, but this also meant I missed more of it than people who stretched their day to, say, 20 hours and went to sleep afterwards.

Apparently, many people look forward to this event for weeks and weeks, but I only learned about it on Thursday and entered because “why not, I don’t have weekend plans yet anyway”. I quickly threw together a TBR, looked up the time difference and was ready to go!

Except for Grief Is The Thing With Feathers (which I didn’t even get round to) these were all books that I had already started earlier but needed a little push to continue.

Now, I won’t bore you with a detailed description of how I read them and in which order, but I finished Death, Dickinson and The Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia, read one Cat Story (The Cat That Walks Alone by Rudyard Kipling) and 138 pages of The Bone Clocks.

I also read some of the magazine articles I saved up over the past few months as a break.

331 pages in total. I saw that many people have reached much more impressive page counts, but I am quite content with mine. Especially considering how badly I overslept this morning…

… and the amount of coffee required to wake me up.

Entering it so casually, I didn’t really know how I would feel about this readathon. I mean, I can read on my own as well, right? Throughout the Saturday I slowly became enveloped in the wonderful sense of community that comes from knowing that there are so many people around the world reading at that moment as well.

I had some lovely interactions on twitter, discovered some great people to follow and was strongly motivated to keep going at a point where I would usually would have given up. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Thanks to everyone who made my experience wonderful. ❤



5 thoughts on “My Weekend As A Candle-Waster | Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon

  1. this was such a fun post to read.
    Over this summer I really want to re-find my love for reading that I have seemed to have lost recently!
    Any book recommendations?
    Sareena x
    also forgot to mention, I discovered your blog, decided to have a nosy, loved it and yeppp cant wait to see more!

    Liked by 1 person

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