This morning, as I was eating my breakfast and musing about the delights of reading, I decided that it might be fun to make a short list of my favourite book-related things every half-year or so to see how my tastes develop (or not). Here is instalment number one.

Favourite recent read: The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. A review is in the making, to be published whenever I can get my thoughts together about it.

Favourite book of all time: The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I recently wrote a blog post on how much I adore this novel and why. You can find it here.

Favourite book store: Nijinski


This store is located quite close to my house in Brussels and mainly sells French art books and novels, but also has a great collection of English second-hand paperbacks in the back. I’ve been there so much recently that I can spot the new arrivals..

Favourite window display:

strong women
Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop in Galway, Ireland

Favourite book-related podcast: Witch, Please! Two Canadian scholars get together to combine their love for Harry Potter with the insights from their literature degrees and analyse it as a literary text. They have really opened my eyes to the amount of unreliable narration and ableism in the books. I cannot recommend it enough!

Favourite bookmark: This cutie from Book Depository that shows the wonders at the bottom of the sea. As a sign of my cheap-online-book-buying addiction, I have many BD bookmarks. (And also because I’m a bit too stingy to buy bookmarks. I used train tickets before they came to my rescue.)

fav bookmark

Favourite place to read: On the couch, preferably during the day because that feels so luxurious. I also like to read in bed, but if the book is too good it wakes me up rather than makes me drowsy, so that has gone *wrong* many times in the past.

Favourite reading drink: A soy milky coffee. My dad gave me a cafetière for Sinterklaas (= a Dutch gift-giving holiday) and I am in LOVE.

Favourite way of annotating: While reading I prefer to annotate in pencil, but after finishing the book I come back to my favourite parts and highlight them with a marker so I can spot them more easily when flipping through.


That’s it for my little list of favourites. If you have any ideas for categories I should add, please let me know. What are your booky favourites?

5 thoughts on “Current Reading Favourites

    1. Good question. I read a lot of book reviews, nose around in shops and receive recommendations of friends (the latter is my favourite). I combine these into long TBR list from which I occasionally order something that I’m in the mood for. More often though, I go for whatever strikes my fancy at the local second hand bookshop :). How about you? Apologies for the late reply!


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