This post was inspired by Emma from Wandering Words. I really enjoyed reading about her Pottermore results, and felt like I instantly knew her. Let’s be honest, all you really need to know about someone is which house they are in, right?

To my surprise, I’m not a Ravenclaw, but a brave & daring Gryffindor! As this is the house that brought us powerful women like Hermione and McGonagall, I can hardly complain :).


My wand is made of pear wood, which “gives of their best in the hands of the warm-hearted, the generous and the wise” and has never been discovered in possession of a dark witch or wizard (yet). A unicorn hair core makes the wand very loyal, producing not very spectacular but consistent magic. Hmm, does this mean that I have a little bit of Hufflepuff in me as well?


Personally, I am very happy to have a loyal wand that will always work well, even if it’s magic isn’t phenomenal. Perhaps I should worry more about its inflexibility…

Lastly, I was a bit underwhelmed by my patronus. I mean, a DOLPHIN? They always remind me of the cute silver earrings that 12-year-old girls like to wear. However, after watching it bob around for a while, I must admit that I have also grown quite attached to it – perhaps my soul is 12 years old after all.


You can discover your own house, wand and patronus on Pottermore.

Which house are you in? Are you happy with your Pottermore results or do you prefer a different test?

12 thoughts on “Essential Information About Me | My Hogwarts House

  1. I’m a Ravenclaw! I’ve definitely considered that I’m a Hufflepuff, and I love Hufflepuff dearly, but I think at the moment I’d choose Ravenclaw. (And that was the answer on my Pottermore quiz, too.) I’m not actually sure I’ve done the wand quiz, although apparently my patronus is a tortoishell cat which is cute since that’s my actual cat in real life!

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    1. OMG a cat! That’s the dream πŸ™‚ ❀
      And as Dumbledore says, it's our choices that make us who we are ;). I guess that one of the advantages of not being sorted by the *actual* sorting hat is that we can change house as our identities change, rather than having our house shape who we are. That said, I could definitely do with some living up to my house motto :).

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