Sometimes you’re in a bookshop and you’re drawn to a book as soon as you see it. As you pick it up you hear the ‘Harry meets wand’ music playing, your money dances in your pocket and you skip off to the till with a slightly manic grin on your face. Other times, you’re not quite sure. The book looks interesting but might also be a on-your-shelf-forever. Do you really want to spend this much money? You decide you need to do some research. You resolve to sleep on it for a night.

So what do we modern people do in these cases? We take a quick picture that soon sinks to the depths of our camera roll and we never think of the book again. (I know I cannot be the only one – comment below if you do this too!)

Hmm, is this book worth it? I even asked the people of Instagram for their opinion, but never made the purchase.

As these are quick shots, they are often of very bad quality:


They are part of a resolve to read more poetry:

Doesn’t this sound like a noble new year’s resolution?

Or have gorgeous covers:

To be honest, this one did sound very interesting.
This one less so, but apparently I have a thing for foxes. Look at that beauty!


However, a guilty remembering of the number of books I own or the state of my bank account makes me leave them in the shop.

Occasionally, I don’t even think about purchasing a book, but try to make loved ones buy it for me:

Alas, they had already bought ten other books for my Sinterklaas. In the background you see the French textbook I originally came into the shop for.

I’m struck by a funny title:


Or I am abroad and delighting in the best form of tourism possible:

If you understand this you know me well!

You can never have too many pictures of books, right?

Lastly, I take pictures of books and then immediately think ‘what the hell, I’ll buy it anyway’ (I love this category):

I read this book a few weeks ago and it was a treat :).

Let us not forget that buying books is a very good thing!

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