Is The Goodreads Challenge Really Helpful?

4 thoughts on “Is The Goodreads Challenge Really Helpful?”

  1. I used to list the books I read on some facebook thing, adding reviews as I went, but then that closed down all of a sudden and left me with a dilemma. I had mentioned the recent date elsewhere when I got to 100 books on that so armed with that – which I now call my end-of-book-reading-year – I just list all the books I read by year on a Word document. I don’t set targets, I suppose trying to read more than the year before, but I have noticed as well that there is added stress as the deadline approaches. I’ve got a fortnight-ish left so do I begin a big book now?

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    1. Oh, that sounds very annoying! Were you able to remember the full list? Indeed, maybe I should just keep my own list somewhere, so I can see it as a positive thing if I read more, but not stress if I read less. (Though I am conveniently forgetting my own competitiveness here, I might stress at the end of the year still.) And yes, that’s a dilemma: for which year does a book count – the year you’ve read most of it in or the year you’ve finished it? Thanks for your insight 🙂


      1. I was able to download my reviews and I think this must have been just after my hundredth book so I was able to work out the books I’d read since that date. Reading shouldn’t be about stress. Each year, in the same document, I start numbering for a new year, add the stats to a list, and also put an X or an XX next to the titles that were good, or REALLY good.

        I do get a bit of stress at the end of the year, but then that’s with the thought I should be artificially enhancing the number of books read by reading shorter books. Saying that I’ve just started reading the 550 page novel Sunnyside – supposedly about Charlie Chaplin’s mass appearance in 1916 – so that puts an end to that. And I count books finished.

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        1. Sounds very wise :). I like the idea of having a little overview of the books I liked as well, so I think I might just copy your idea, thank you! 550 pages sounds like a lot, I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Big books always seem like so much more of a hurdle at the start, but when they are good enough to invest your time in it can be so wonderful to have a lot of it.

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