Three Times My Teachers Got It Right

3 thoughts on “Three Times My Teachers Got It Right”

  1. I don’t remember any of the choices being particularly inspired, but then all your examples were from university, and I only did English Literature (properly) to the age of 16..
    And when will you do a “X times my teachers got it WRONG”? haha..

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  2. They all sound so interesting! Your sense of expression is brilliant! Maybe I should start blogging again, it seems to me that you’re having a fun time. I think mine’s Animal Farm by George Orwell. A simple book that conveys such sad realities. Keep on blogging!

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    1. Please blog again, if you think you would enjoy it! I, for one, am interested in what you have to say :). I do understand your struggle, my blogging frequency has been very up and down throughout the year. I felt bad about it for a bit, but now I have decided not to care, and that I can always leave and pick it up whenever I feel like it – I hope the same can work for you. Don’t feel guilty towards your readers, I’m sure that they are lovely people (like myself haha) and will be happy with the posts you do write rather than be unhappy when you don’t have time for a while. Lots of love!


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