TWT Day 6 As a birthday present one and a half years ago, I got to choose a book from my grandparents’ large collection of art books. I chose this one because I really like impressionist and expressionist paintings, but I also wanted to extend my horizon a little and learn more about other movements in modern art. This book has “1549 illustrations including 291 colour plates”, which shows that it was published a while ago (1977), but I think that only adds to its ‘atmosphere’ :). I haven’t read all the text but I did page through it quite a few times. I also own a book on Magritte, one on Van Gogh that I recently (to my own surprise) read cover to cover, and a thin one on Rembrandt.

In the top of the image you see a row of library books on metafiction that are helping me write my dissertation :).

Do you have a favourite painting? Mine is probably one of Van Gogh’s, but it’s hard to decide which one.

‘The Weather Today’ is a challenge I set myself in which every day(ish) I will take a random book from my bookshelves and write a few sentences about it.

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