Top Ten Tuesday | Childhood Favourites

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Childhood Favourites”

  1. Oh, how could I have forgotten about Jim Knopf? I loved that book. And I remember the snot scene from The Bullerby Children as well! I recently reread Pippi Longstocking and was sadly disappointed, but I just saw that the library has Ronia the Robber’s Daughter, so I will give Lindgren another try. I just LOVE your list…


    1. I was never too excited about the Pippi books either, I think the films are better (and I hardly ever think that). Ronia the Robber’s Daughter is really good, I think you’d enjoy that more. It’s great to hear about another Jim Knopf fan :). Did you see the Ravensburger puppentheater adaptation of it? It is so adorable.


  2. Koning Van Katoren was one of my favorite childhood books as well, and the same goes for every Roald Dahl book out there! Astrid Lindgren would also be high on my favorites list. 🙂

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