Book tree from BuzzFeed

Merry Christmas! I hope you’re all cuddling up near a fire, spending time with family and drinking large mugs of tea. Or whatever it is you like to do to celebrate the holidays :). If you need a little distraction from the festivities, here are some nice Christmas themed web pages to check out:

BuzzFeed’s Alternative Christmas Trees

Would you like something else than your ordinary Christmas tree (be it real or fake) this year? BuzzFeed has compiled a list of 38 ideas for alternative Christmas trees. They vary from driftwood to beer bottles to sweet paper cuts. The one that appealed to me most was this one, made of books (obviously 😉 ). You can find the list here.


This Christmas tree made of books originally comes from Juniper Books, an online bookshop that does amazing box sets, such as this children’s silhouette set. A bit pricy maybe, but amazing to look at.

25 Days of Christmas Book-Inspired Ornaments

If you’re into crafts, Meghan Everette’s post on Scholastic Teachers is definitely worth a visit. As an elementary school teacher she gives 25 examples of book inspired Christmas ornaments to make with children. Each ornament is based on a specific book, but you can also use her ideas to commemorate your own favourite stories. You can visit her page by clicking here.

Book page origami

Do you have an old book that you don’t read anymore? Don’t throw it away! Pinterest is full of ideas for cute origami projects with book pages. Lanterns, Christmas stars or cranes (find my tutorial here), you can find whatever you like. Here are two of my favourite tutorials: one for pretty stars and one for these amazing snowflakes.


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