Paper Landscape Illustrated by Eiko Ojala paper landscapes illustration
Paper Landscape Illustrated by Eiko Ojala

Why do I call my monthly favourites after the month we’ve just left behind? Sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it? I’ve decided to do a brief November Favourites post and then jump straight to the December favourites – right in time for the holidays. Stay tuned for book themed Christmas ornaments!

This beautiful landscape as well as the featured image were made by Estonian artist Eiko Ojala, who works digitally, but without the use of 3D- software. He draws everything by hand to create figures, landscapes and even book covers that look as if they’ve been cut from paper. I admit it was a bit of a bummer when I found out that these amazing images weren’t cut from actual paper, but they are still amazing to look at. You can find more of his artwork on his website.

Ojala’s work is just one example of many beautiful paper artworks you can find online. I have therefore chosen to share two more unconventional artworks with you: stop motion videos made by animating paper.

Revolution: The Life Cycle of Water

The following cute and educational stop motion video shows the life cycle of a single drop water through the medium of a pop-up book. Revolution is an animated short by photographer Chris Turner, paper engineer Helen Friel and animator Jess Deacon. The video consists of nine scenes that were animated using 1000 stills. The whole project took about a year to make.


A Year In Full Colour: Moleskin Planners

This video is actually a commercial for Moleskin notebooks and planners, but it looks so good that I simply had to share it with you. According to its description on Youtube the video was made and directed by the graphic motion designer Rogier Wieland, using 382 notebooks. It features his cat and a mouse borrowed from a pet shop. Check out the ‘making of’ here.


I hope you enjoyed watching these videos! If you know of any more beautiful paper art, please leave a comment below :).

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