Attention, Harry Potter geeks, wizard rock fans or simply anyone who enjoys a cute short film – I Ship It, by Yulin Kuang was released yesterday!

The film tells the story of Zoe Smallman who’s going through a rough breakup and decides to beat her ex-boyfriend in a wizard rock battle. She is helped by her friend Charlie, who is trying to deal with his own heartbreak in an original way. Check out the trailer below!

I Ship It is less than 20 minutes long, and it is interesting to see how Kuang tells her story in that time. I immediately started loving both Zoe, who is headstrong, adorable and wonderfully quirky, and Charlie, who is just an overall cutie with a Polaroid camera and heart of gold. Occasionally, it did feel as if the film quickly passed by some plot points that I would like to have seen expanded a little, such as the writing process of a song. I wanted a fairy-tale ending with more closure. However, I might just be too used to your average film-length of 120 minutes. I Ship It, feels more like a moment in someone’s life than a complete story.

The lead actors, Sean Persaud and Mary Kate Wiles, who you may know as Lydia from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, once again show how well they work together and add a nice touch of chemistry to the film. The overall atmosphere is an adorable mix of hipster and quirky. I loved it! You can watch the full film on Youtube by clicking here. I’ve watched it twice already.

3 thoughts on “Hipster meets Quirky: I ship It – Yulin Kuang

  1. I was so excited when this movie came out! It’s so lovely 😀 Also I love the Lizxie Bennet Diaries!! I think we must watch quite similar youtube content…

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